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French Fry Stand One Of The Most Common Fast Food Products Oct 20, 2017

French Fry Stand are fried potatoes fast food, is a kind of potatoes cut into strips after the fried food, is one of the most common fast food, popular in the United States and Europe and other places, but also industrial production The fries are made of crushed potatoes and pressed into strips and then fried.

Practice steps

1. Bean washed peeled, cut into the same thickness of the sheet, and then cut into strips.

2. Put the potatoes into the water for a few minutes. Appropriate amount of water to boil, put potatoes cook about three minutes.

3. remove the drain to the water, let cool; into the refrigerator frozen 2 hours. Can be used to dry the kitchen paper moisture, and then into the refrigerator frozen. (Must let the water before the refrigerator to kill.)

4. Potatoes are frozen and hard to eat with the fried.

5. Put the appropriate amount of oil in the pot, heated to 6 into the heat when the frozen fries, fried to golden yellow to remove the drain oil. When you eat a little salt, dip tomato sauce can be.

6. After removing the oil. Sprinkle with salt and black pepper, edible with tomato sauce can be used.

Flavor to eat

French fries can dip sesame salt or tomato sauce to eat, eat and do not have a flavor. Sesame and pepper salt to do, the sesame seeds, pepper with coffee grind, and coarse salt with fried, into a powder after the wooden pepper into the bottle, at any time access. Tomato sauce can also be.

French fries practice is very simple, the method is:

1. potatoes washed peeled, cut into strips, 5 mm square can be. Should not be too fine, otherwise poor taste.

2. Add the pot to the pot and add the oil to 8%.

Gently with cooking shovels flip, so that the potatoes heated evenly, then the fire can be smaller, to keep the oil temperature can be.

3. about 4 to 5 minutes or so, potatoes in the oil pan after the water will float up, the bubble in the pan also reduced, the color becomes golden yellow, you can wipe the.

4. After the pot into the plate, sprinkle a small amount of salt, fragrant French fries to do a good job.

other aspects 

The origin of the situation

French fries from Belgium, this food is loved by the French.

Health introduction

French fries are delicious, but eat more easy to cause cancer, so try to eat less.