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Laudry Clip Hanger, As People Daily Use Of Household Items Oct 31, 2017

Laudry Clip Hanger, as people daily use of household items, has now become a lot of family necessities of life. "Laudry Clip Hanger" is a major feature of China's products, the industry has been formed more than 10 years, from the start to continue to improve technology and change.

Laudry Clip Hanger is not just an ornament, it is a functional product. The current "clothes" of the "function" has been generally recognized by consumers, has formed an "industry." Experienced a few years of running, the industry gradually tend to stabilize the quality.

Clothes of the six kinds of magical effect

Wardrobe finishing

Hold a tie or scarf (up to four) at the bottom of the hanger and secure it with a clothes clasp.

Shading effect is good

Closer with the clothes folder hotel curtains, Laudry Clip Hanger can effectively prevent light intrusion, but also to prevent outsiders peeping.

Distinguish between thread attribution

In the clothes folder to do a permanent mark, to distinguish (TV, video recorders, DVD players, stereo audio equipment, telephone, etc.) wire plug ownership.

Let the garden neat and beautiful

Wrap the clothescuffs into the bifurcation of the tree (or the intersection of the branches and the trunk) so that the seedlings grow.

When used as a bookmark

Use the clothes folder to hold the page, you can save the current reading progress. Laudry Clip Hanger If you are a member of a study club, you can use a clip to hold the chapter you are interested in, to facilitate their own quickly find.

Do not hurt the hand

With a spring-style clothes folder sandwiched match to the fireplace bonfire or candle more secure.