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Laudry Clip HangerWhat Material Aug 25, 2017

The Laudry Clip Hanger is used as a shelf for clothes. Hanger is China's early appearance of a furniture, Zhou began to implement the ritual system, the aristocracy of the dress is very important, in order to adapt to this need, the early emergence of a special shelves for hanging clothes. Ming Dynasty overall shape of the hanger still maintain the traditional model, but the timber, production, decoration particularly fine. Qing Dynasty hangers and commonly known as "toward the shelves", the main hanging men with official clothes used, therefore, all the hanger main beam are like two Yangshen's Ssangyong. Production of wooden racks with the general wood must be dry and wet under 18 degrees to be able to produce, before use must be dried.

Production of wooden racks with the general timber in the dry humidity of 18 degrees to be able to produce, before use should be dried, if the funds allow, you can hoard wood, natural dry for the best (which requires a lot of money backlog). There are insects of the wood is not used, wooden racks export, according to China's commodity inspection law, must carry out plant testing, after obtaining qualified procedures to export (according to the requirements of the importing country, and some have to fumigation). Wooden hanger production process is mainly for the four processes, rough, scrub, paint, assembly.

First, the Laudry Clip Hanger clotheslift Advantages:

1, easy processing, low cost 2, the quality is lighter and easy to put, carry 3, rich color colorful world


1, bear heavy clothing may be deformed or broken 2, wear will affect the gloss and beautiful 3, production and recycling will pollute the environment

Second, the wooden Laudry Clip Hanger advantages:

1, close to the natural, warm, elegant feeling 2, the unique texture, not the same visual experience 3, the cost of general 4, the material itself on the environment pollution


1, the water is easy to crack or deformation 2, susceptible to mold erosion

Third, the cloth coat clotheslift Advantages:

1, giving a stylish, warm, lovely feeling 2, a good sense of touch and visual experience 3, suit shirt shoulder is not easy to deformation due to gravity


1, the use of a narrow range 2, dirty after easy cleaning

Fourth, the steel Laudry Clip Hangerhanger advantages:

1, strong, durable 2, can withstand the heavier clothing without deformation 3, metal texture gives the feeling of noble fashion


1, the higher the cost, processing more trouble 2, easy to produce corrosion rust caused by the impact of the use of 3, the heavier is not easy to carry 4, easy to scratch the end of the body

Five, flockingLaudry Clip Hanger

Is made with ABS plastic frame made of hair processing;

Features: appearance flocking non-slip, soft, light fabric clothing, pajamas, no longer have to worry about sliding wardrobe.

Use hooks to save wardrobe space, make your wardrobe bigger, save space, anti-skid, so that the clothes are not deformed.

Material: ABS + high quality flocking