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The Stainless Steel Egg Yolk White Separator Is An Interesting Kitchen Item Oct 13, 2017

The Stainless Steel Egg Yolk White Separator is an interesting kitchen item designed to separate egg yolk and egg white.

Everyone cooking process, often encountered in the need to use egg alone or egg yolk time, used to make a variety of food. But in the actual operation of the process, it is a very troublesome thing. Usually we will use two eggshell to come back to each other, to filter out the egg yolk. But this operation is very troublesome, and secondly is not very health, because there will be a lot of bacteria in the eggshell.

A list of life items for kitchen supplies

Different life of the tableware life is not the same, how long need to be replaced? Which is more comfortable with it?

1 wood products or bamboo products tableware

Chopsticks and chopsticks are very common, but easy to mold. In contrast, the life of bamboo chopsticks is shorter. This is mainly due to the special water absorption performance of bamboo chopsticks, making it a mold of growth.

Bamboo chopsticks used continuously for a month or two, it should be a batch.

The life of chopsticks is related to tree species.

General birch, fir or poplar, than bamboo chopsticks is not much better, not suitable for too long; and high-grade chopsticks may choose chicken wings, mahogany or iron wood, dense structure, even if the mold is also Surface, only need to wash and then cook for 5 minutes or so, you can achieve disinfection effect, you can continue to use.

2 Ceramics, porcelain and glassware

Pottery, porcelain and glass, their ingredients are silicate, life depends on the child at home and the child's trouble.

However, it is not that some of the material on the hidden dangers are not.

For the sake of beauty, pottery, porcelain is usually glazed, often containing some heavy metals, while the glass will add some increase in refractive index of metal minerals (such as adding lead made of crystal glass).

Qualified products on the market, we need not worry, but if the use of the process, found the bowl of glaze with a wear off, or the glass surface into a frosted, and that is still reluctant to throw it away.

3 plastic tableware

Plastic tableware is not moldy is an advantage, but there is easy to aging problems.

Plastic in the aging process, often there will be a plastic-specific cracks (that is, crayon), if observed this phenomenon, it means that the tableware of the change.

4 stainless steel cutlery

If the longevity of life, the extraordinary corrosion resistance of stainless steel can withstand the test of time, with a few decades will not have much change.

But the failure of stainless steel is the dissolution of chromium, nickel and other heavy metals hidden, so must not be cheap. Moreover, the use of stainless steel containers are not often used to wear pickles soup, fruit juice, Chinese medicine, etc., to avoid chemical reactions with some of the ingredients, resulting in excessive dissolution of the elements.

In the cleaning, you can use the radish head in the fire roast a baked, and then wipe the stainless steel cutlery, wipe the water after the rinse with the new and the same, and very wonderful it

5 imitation porcelain tableware

Imitation porcelain plastic, its main ingredient is melamine - formaldehyde resin. Generally use or no problem, but it is not acid, not high temperature, but also can not withstand the violence of the ball ball scrub.

It is in the role of acid and high temperature, will break down into melamine and formaldehyde, so eat dumplings dipped in vinegar, placed high temperature hot oil or a tableware it. In addition, the use of microwave ovens may also make formaldehyde easier to move out.

Normal use, it is recommended for six months for a change.

6 dish cloth

Clean thoroughly wash the cloth will breed a large number of bacteria, so, then the use of a month or a replacement it.

Even so, every day after brushing pots and pans, but also the use of detergent and water will wash thoroughly wash the cloth, and then hanging in the ventilation naturally dry. Washing cloth should try to choose pure wood fiber dish cloth, this cloth has a strong hydrophilic and oil discharge.

7 cutting board

The cutting board is often cleaned and can be used for a long time.

You want to try to sprinkle salt disinfection method: every time you use the cutting board, the knife should be used to clean the surface of the board scrap, every 6 to 7 days in the board to spread a layer of salt, This can be sterilized, but also to prevent cutting board dry.

Of course, if you think the cutting board looks really can not be used again, you can change a new one.